Beyond Trump


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI never pass up an opportunity to discuss the Tangerine Terror that is Donald Trump. I was super excited to hear from my grad school friend, Ed Lyngar, who invited me on his very cool radio show, Beyond Spin to do just that.

Ed and I chopped it up about black evangelicals, alt-right goons, Trump’s obsession with dismantling Obama’s legacy and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ brilliant essay, “The First White President.” We also discussed the importance of allies. It’s so necessary to forge alliances to resist this oppressive regime, especially as they seek to repeal the ACA, suppress votes and further criminalize black and brown bodies.

I’m a black Christian woman and Ed is a white atheist male, but we’re unified in our disgust with Twitler. Solidarity is a beautiful thing.

Take a listen to our talk and let me know your thoughts.

Black Women in Horror: Sycorax’s Daughters


SycoraxSo geeked that my short story “Kim” has found a home in the black women horror anthology Sycorax’s Daughters. Get your copy here.

So just who are Sycorax’s daughters? The title is taken from Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. Sycorax is an Algerian sorceress who is banished to a remote island. She gives birth to Caliban, a half-human monster. By the time the story begins, Sycorax is long dead by Prospero’s hands. Although silenced, she still shapes the characters’ perceptions of power and gender.

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